Founder & General Manager



About Troy

Founder and General Manager Troy Lowrey has been in the sporting industry for over 20 year's in the capacity of a Sports Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Troy has worked with an array of elite sporting teams and athletes from National Teams, NRL, A-League, Super Rugby, AFL and is currently Head of Athletic Performance at Southern Beaches Rugby Club and Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Wildfires U18 Representative Team.

Troy's expertise and passion for all things recovery, brings an array of world-leading health & wellbeing modalities to SMR, making it a place for more than just the elite athlete.

Troy's collaborative approach with other professionals allows SMR to be a place for
not only performance recovery, rehab, prehab and functional fitness, but Troy can help you with your general health & wellbeing.

Troy can facilitate a program or work with your health professional to assist you with natural alternatives to cater for an array of health issues and strength and conditioning needs.

As well as Troy's qualifications in Sports Training and Strength & Conditioning, he also has a Degree in Bachelor of Teaching/Early Childhood with a post-grad in Special Education. This allows Troy to cater for children with both learning and behaviour issues and can implement programs for children such as gross motor & functional movement.