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I don't normally do this but couldn't wait till Friday to share my excitement with you! 


After leaving SMR Friday I went to get some groceries and for the first time in ages I could squat down to the bottom shelf without being in pain in my legs and struggling to get up again. My legs actually feel lighter and younger as crazy as that sounds!! I spent the rest of the shop checking everything out on the lower shelves haha  


The back of my knees have not been hurting at night either when I lie down so there has definitely been some circulation improvement. Can't wait to continue my journey with your SMR therapy and find my healthy, happy body again. 


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Troy is an absolute legend, very professional, and knows what he’s talking about.


He has helped me through my whole rehabilitation process & progress.


Sauna, cryotherapy, anti-gravity treadmill & dynamic compression therapy has been incredible - thank you


Using the zero gravity treadmill I've been able to run for the first time in years.


I'm so happy with Troy, he is professional and friendly.


Awesome place, I had a compression session and cryo and felt 110% better than when I walked in.
First time in two years I’ve been pain-free at work, Highly recommended.

Troy knows his stuff and went through everything before my sessions so I knew what to expect.

They sorted me out with some good hydration products and massage ball for home use too.



Awesome customer service and really affordable compared to other places I've tried in Newcastle.  I'm glad I ventured over the hill to Cardiff from Merewether. Easy parking with no parking fees like Newcastle and Troy actually explains the whole process and what to excpect from each session I've done.

Thanks Troy for making my recovery on point

Matt W

SMR is fabulous.  Troy is always energetic and I always walk out feeling positive with less pain and more mobility after doing the Silver Package.  SMR is so affordable and is definitely my fortnightly reset to help with my whole body's wellbeing



Visited SMR not knowing what to expect. Greeted by Troy who was very friendly and informative.

Tried leg compression therapy for the first time and I’m hooked! I’m on my feet all day with work and the leg relief was incredible.

The cryotherapy is another level when it comes to helping muscle soreness and joint inflammation.
Highly recommend to anyone especially after a hard day at work!!!


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