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What is so good about the Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-Gravity Treadmill?

Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-gravity Treadmills are designed to be used for lower body injury and surgery rehabilitation, aerobic conditioning, weight control and reduction, sport specific conditioning programs, neurologic retraining and geriatric strength and conditioning.

The Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-gravity Treadmill offers everyone the ability to rehab faster and train like a pro. The Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-gravity Treadmill, uses technology that helps individuals exercise without pain, even whilst recovering from an injury or surgery, including total joint surgery or replacement.

The Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-gravity Treadmill allows you to run and/or walk without bearing your entire weight, reducing the impact on your body. This optimises your rehab and training and is done using air pressure to apply a precise and comfortable lifting force to the body. This force reduces weight on the lower extremities and allows a reduction of weight of up to 80 percent of your body weight. Therefore, you can find exactly where the pain stops, and natural movement feels good again.

There are many benefits of training and doing rehab on the Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-gravity Treadmill. Athletes can use it to reduce the frequency of injury, build fitness and strengthen and improve their muscle coordination with less impact then hard ground running. You can also benefit from using the Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-gravity Treadmill to recover from injury and surgery and it allows you to immediately do partial weight bearing exercises/rehab. People with neurological disorders maintain, and in some cases even regain, functionality and mobility working with the Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-gravity Treadmill. It is also used as a motivational tool for obese persons as users can immediately experience what it would feel like to weigh less, exercise with less joint impact and stress and improve their cardiovascular health.

In addition to the early weight-bearing for post-operative patients, it will allow many people an earlier and pain-free return to running and walking.

Anyone Can Benefit

While some specialised equipment is either too challenging, or not challenging enough, to meet a wide range of needs, the adjustable nature of the Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-gravity Treadmill offers universal applications. Among its many uses are:

Injury Recovery

Physical therapy is often the best path to healing torn ligaments and fractures without surgery. The anti-gravity treadmill allows you to stay fit, without aggravating your original injury.

Surgical Recovery

For people who aren’t able to avoid surgery, the Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-gravity Treadmill’s adjustable resistance tension allows you to gradually “come back” as your health improves and you’re cleared to push a little bit harder each time. In addition, many patients are able speed their overall recovery by improving circulation and endurance.

Athletic Training

Distance running requires long workout sessions in order to build endurance. The Woodway 4Front Boost Anti-gravity Treadmill allows you to put in that time, without making your joints pay the price. In addition, runners are able to work on their form because they have lower-body support that slows issues like buckling and muscle exhaustion.

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